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When it comes to growing plants indoors, light is an essential part of the process. Without light, plants cannot grow and thrive; yet many facilities do not have adequate sunlight to promote plant growth. LED grow lights provide that light in an effective, energy-efficient way to encourage plant growth indoors without a large amount of energy consumption. Whether you are growing plants in a lab or a home indoor garden, these lights are your ideal, low-energy lighting solution.

Choose LED Grow Light Options Designed Specifically for Plants

An LED grow light is designed specially for plants. These lights have the best spectrum of light to encourage plant growth. Inside LED indoor grow lights, two colors of light emitting diodes (LEDs) encourage proper photosynthesis.

First, the violet-blue LEDs, which are in the 400- to 520-nanometer range, encourage the plant to absorb chlorophyll. This triggers the photosynthesis process and, in turn, plant growth. These lights also include 610- to 720-nanometer LEDs, which are in the red spectrum. This color promotes flowering and budding on growing plants. When combined, grow lights encourage full plant growth.

Do LED Grow Lights Work?

If you’re wondering if LED grow lights work, they do. This is an effective way to introduce artificial lights to your indoor growing plants. However, you have to use the lights wisely for the best results.

Almost any plant can be grown indoors with grow lights. If the plant is used primarily for foliage, then plan for 16 hours a day of lighting. If you are growing flowering plants, you will only need between 12 and 14 hours of light.

Benefits of LED Indoor Grow Lights

Grow lights make it possible to grow just about any plant indoors. This means that plants can be successfully grown in laboratories, apartments, homes and other indoor spaces where natural light is not possible. This makes the chance of growing a garden, no matter where you live, achievable.

Because these are LED lights, they use significantly less electricity than other grow light options. You can leave them on long enough to give your plants sufficient light, without sacrificing your energy budget.

Choose Lightbulb Wholesaler for Your Grow Light Needs

If you are ready to harness the power of outdoor light indoors to grow your own plants, you need to invest in grow lights. Lightbulb Wholesaler has an extensive inventory of LED grow lights for sale. Whether you require a powerful 300w LED grow light for your laboratory or something smaller and less powerful for your home garden, you will find something to fit your needs with the help of Lightbulb Wholesaler. Call today to speak with one of our lighting experts for more information.

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