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LED Emergency And Exit Light Bulbs

If you own or operate a commercial building, you are legally required to adhere to OSHA standards, which are designed to keep employees safe on the job. In addition, you have to provide customers with safety features in your building, as per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Both of these organizations require the use of well-lit signage to point toward emergency exits. Lightbulb Wholesaler has a large selection of LED exit sign lights that will help ensure your property is up to code and your workers or customers are safe.

Emergency Exit Sign Requirements

According to OSHA standards, exits must have clearly marked signs that are visible and read EXIT. The letters can be no less than 6 inches high with lines that are .75 inches wide. If the exit or direction of travel is not clear, the sign must use an arrow to indicate the direction to travel.

In addition, OSHA requires all exit signs to be illuminated. This can be:

  • External illumination — Lighting that shines on the sign to illuminate it.
  • Internal illumination — Lighting within the sign that illuminates it.
  • Photoluminescent — Self-contained power source other than batteries that keeps the sign lit.

In all three cases, the illumination must function in both emergency and non-emergency situations, which requires a source of power that is not connected to the overall power of the building. With the exception of photoluminescent lights, this is typically battery power. In addition, the NFPA requires that the emergency illumination lasts for at least 90 minutes if the power goes out.

Buying Emergency Lighting in Bulk Ensures Your Compliance

When you have a large facility with multiple emergency exit signs, keeping them lit is a challenge. Buying in bulk ensures you always have a light available to replace one that has burnt out. Also, buying in bulk helps you save money on your emergency-exit-only sign lighting.

If you are shopping for exit lights, trust Lightbulb Wholesaler to provide the industry's best prices from people who are passionate about light bulbs and good customer service. Contact Lightbulb Wholesaler today for information on LED exit sign lighting for your facility, or browse our catalogue online and buy your lighting today.

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