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Tube Light Bulbs

When standard light bulbs have the wrong base or the wrong overall shape for an application, you may need the help of tubular light bulbs. Tube light bulbs, like those available from Lightbulb Wholesaler, feature a tube-shaped lamp and come in a variety of base sizes to fit a wide range of applications. From lighting exit signs to lighting appliances and even switchboards, a tubular bulb may be the answer to your specific application.

Tubular bulbs are incandescent bulbs with a tubular shape. They come in several different lengths, bases and diameters. These bulbs are labeled based on their diameters in eighths of an inch. T, for tubular, is placed next to this measurement. For instance, a tubular bulb which is 5/8 inch is a T5 bulb. Common sizes include everything from T3 to T10. The bulbs are also labeled based on their base. Common bases for tube bulbs include bi-post, medium, intermediate and bayonet bases. Tube bulbs can be clear or frosted, and select bulbs are colored.

At Lightbulb Wholesaler, we stock an extensive list of tubular light bulbs. Some, like the 15W T7 clear appliance lamp with a candelabra base, are designed to be placed inside appliances. These small bulbs do not let off very much light, but it is enough to light your refrigerator or oven. Light bulbs with candelabra bases can also be used in switchboards, where strong but clear light is required.

Exit lights are one place where tubular bulbs are required regularly. Both intermediate-base and medium-base exit signs need tubular lamps to provide the strong, consistent light required to maintain OSHA compliance. With several different wattages and base types, Lightbulb Wholesaler has the exit lighting you need.

Finally, tubular light bulbs are often used in small incandescent lights and lamps, including antique lamps. They also provide excellent lighting for displays and podium lamps. Aquariums may use tube light bulbs in their lighting hoods. Any small, narrow place that requires a light often requires a tubular bulb.

At Lightbulb Wholesaler, we understand that you need to balance quality with budget. That's why we offer tube bulbs from brands you know and trust, like Satco, while also offering them at a price that is hard to beat. We give you the best of both worlds, so you can get the reliable, affordable bulbs you need. Shop with Lightbulb Wholesaler today for all of your tubular lamp needs.

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