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Important Changes to Flood Lamps!


Many PAR Spot and Flood lamps have been discontinued or replaced as the result of the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), and other Department Of Energy Regulations. At Lightbulbwholesaler, we've tried to simplify finding the appropriate replacements. When you enter the part number of your old lamp, our site will display that bulb (if still availiable), plus the recommmended any DOE replacements. Generally, the new choices produce the same amount of light at a reduced wattage.


Flood lamps light large areas such as work rooms or outdoor spaces like athletic fileds, backyards, diveways and parking lots. They are often connected to security systems with motion sensors to instantly flood an area with bright light when a sensor is triggered. Many industrial applications use halogen flood lamps. They are available in wattages from 5 to 200. While a bulb that emits white light is the most common, flood lights are also available in a range of colors including amber, blue, red and green, commonly used for stage lighting, retail shop windows and holiday displays. Halogen Flood lights are available with energy saving features; they are commonly known as infrared, IRC or HIR. Incandescent flood lamps are the oldest type and are similar to household light bulbs. Compact fluorescent flood lamps are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and don't emit as much heat. Different bases are available for flood light bulbs, so it’s important to choose the right flood light bulb for your lamp. Base sizes include a standard E26 screw in and pin connectors such as GU5.3, E26, G4 and GZ4. Browse our wholesale flood lamps below.

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