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Buy Wholesale MR16 LED Light Bulbs

The LED MR16 lamp is composed of a multifaceted reflector that is two inches in diameter. They operate on 12 VDC, but ballasts are available that allow them to use 120 VAC household power. MR16 lamps are prized for their excellent directionality. The multifaceted reflector is specifically designed to direct the LED light into a tight beam. This makes them perfect for track lighting systems, landscape lighting, display lighting, and small vehicle headlights. Additionally, the white light emitted by the MR16 is considered pleasing to the eye, making these lights aesthetically pleasing. Their small size also allows them to be placed in a wide variety of places. Unlike other MR16 lamps, the LED MR16 lamp does not reach a high operating temperature. This can help reduce temperatures in a well-lit room, as well as reduce the risk of fire. LED MR16 lamps are also more electrically efficient than other MR16 bulbs. See our variety of wholesale MR16 LED lights below, or view all of our wholesale LED light bulbs.

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