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Colored Light Bulbs

Colored light bulbs or colored lamps come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and wattages. Colored bulbs are ideal for special occasions, holidays, parties, or as a permanent fixture. These brightly-colored bulbs can transform the mood of a room and add ambiance. While there are various types of colored light bulbs to suit any space in or around your home, these bulbs do not provide the best lighting and would not be suited for areas in the home that needs brighter lighting, like the kitchen or a home office. Colors are powerful enough to brighten a dark mood or change the essence of your current surroundings. These vivid bulbs capture the powerful effect of colors so that you can release it into your personal space. Colored light bulbs are available a variety of colors including red, green, yellow and white just to name a few. The bulbs come with different finishes such as ceramic or transparent, that controls the intensity of light it emits. Colorful bulbs with a transparent finish emit a clearer, intense light, while the bulbs with a ceramic finish emit a softer, diffused light.

There are various types of colored light bulbs that come in different shapes and sizes produced by different brands such as Sylvania, Bulbrite, GE, Satco, Halco and Elko. Colored light bulbs are available in A Shape, C Shape, G Shape, Spiral Compact Fluorescent, MR11 Shape, MR16 Shape, PAR Shape, S Shape, T Shape, Single Tube 2-Pin and Blacklight Bulbs. The wattages of colored light bulbs can range from 5w to 150w, depending on what purpose it was designed to serve. Colored bulbs with smaller watts can be used to make a less dramatic illumination, while the colored bulbs with larger watts can be used to create a dramatic transformation by casting a soft hue on any space. Some larger wattage colored bulbs can be used as floodlights.

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