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Buy Wholesale LED PAR38 Light Bulbs

These LED PAR38 light bulbs are one of the latest innovations in lighting. They are the product of many years of research, experimentation and hard work. LED lights are special lights called light emitting diodes that produce the same amount of light as a normal incandesce bulb, but at a small fraction of the energy. Until recently LED lights were only used in industrial lighting, such as construction road signs. LED lights typically do not give off as much incidental light as incandescent lighting, and have the added problem that the light they give off is not as natural and is much harsher and brighter. Engineers and other scientists have been working hard to help solve this problem.

These LED PAR38 light bulbs are perfect for anywhere flood lighting and spot lighting is used. They use much less energy, so they are environmentally friendly, and also cost much less to run than normal incandescent spot lighting. LED lights last a very long time and usually burnout after the lamp has worn out. These lights could be used to over a doorway or garage to as night time lighting, or as a special look in a living room.

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