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Buy Wholesale PAR30 LED Light Bulbs

The parabolic aluminized reflector, or PAR lamp, are a style of lamp that is commonly seen on film stages. The PAR gives these lamps their characteristic look. PAR lamps are well suited for stage lighting because of their highly directed reflector. This reflector is sometimes called a can and along with the can, the PAR also includes a lens. This combination of lens and reflector create an oval spotlight wherever the lamp is pointed which makes them perfect for illuminating actors on stage. LED PAR lamps use a matrix of LEDs inside the can, while other PAR lamps use incandescent or high intensity discharge bulbs. This makes them more energy efficient, and allows them to run cooler. Additionally, they can come in a variety of colors. View our selection of wholesale PAR30 LED lights below or go to our main wholesale LED lights category to view more.

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