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Light Up The New Year

Light Up The New Year with bright LEDs and a light energy footprint. As winter is hitting it's stride, home and business energy consumption is on the rise. To help off-set winter costs, make sure to retrofit your home or business with LED light fixtures. LED light bulbs use less than half the wattage of regular incandescent lights and are even more efficient than CFL and fluorescent lighting... not to mention they last almost ten times as long.

To help create an efficient home, Lightbulb Wholesaler has low pricing on everyday household light bulbs.

LED Sale 2017

For Commercial lighting, update your business with our low priced LED T8 Tubes.

LED Sale 2017

  • Philips Light Bulbs

  • Sylvania Light Bulbs

  • Satco Light Bulbs

  • Greenlite Light Bulbs

  • GE Light Bulbs

  • Green Creative Light Bulbs

  • Topaz Light Bulbs

  • Ushio Light Bulbs

  • Feit Light Bulbs