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The ability to dim the lights and create the right mood or ambiance in your setting is a valuable tool. Whether in a home, business or even a manufacturing facility, dimmable lights help ensure that the exact level of light you need is available, even when that level changes. In order to create a dimming switch, you need the right materials. Lightbulb Wholesaler offers dimming switches and dimmable ballasts help make these systems safe and effective.

Fluorescent lamps create an arc of electric current that runs from one of the cathodes to the other, creating a reaction with the phosphor coating inside the light bulb to achieve visible light. Ballasts are the tools that provide the starting voltage that allows the creation of this arc and, ultimately, the creation of the light. Ballasts regulate the current flowing through the lamp.

A dimmable ballast operates on the same basic principle as a standard ballast, with the exception that these ballasts can control the amount of current flowing through the lamp, making changes when wanted. A controlling device, like the dimming switch, allows you to tell the ballast how much current to send to the lamp. This allows you to control the intensity of the light by controlling the duration and intensity of the current.

When shopping for a dimming ballast, you should know the different types on the market today. You can choose from electronic-rapid start or programmed-start ballasts. Rapid start ballasts reduce startup voltage by preheating the cathodes. Programmed start ballasts do the same thing, but with more accuracy. Both of these methods reduce damage to the electrodes, thus prolonging the life of the bulb.

Dimming ballasts are also specific to the type of lamp they will be used with. Before purchasing a dimming ballast, you will need to know the type of lamp that will be lit using the ballast. This ensures that everything matches and functions properly.

At Lightbulb Wholesaler, we have an extensive selection of dimmable ballasts and dimming switches to give you the best possible control over your fluorescent lighting fixtures. Each of these ballasts will give you the right amount of control over the fluorescent lighting in your home or office. In addition, Lightbulb Wholesaler offers dimmable LED and fluorescent switches that offer control for lights and ceiling fans. Shop with Lightbulb Wholesaler today, and ensure that you have the control you need over your lighting.