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Trust Lightbulb Wholesaler To Light Your Outdoor Spaces With Security And Parking Lot Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an essential part of a building's overall security protocol and theft prevention plan. Floodlights, parking lot lights and even porch lights help illuminate dark outdoor areas to ensure that potential thieves and vandals are not tempted to enter the space. If you are in the market for security and parking lot lights, here is some information to help you choose the right ones for your property.

Common Uses of Outdoor Security Lighting

In outdoor spaces, whether parking lots, building exteriors, job sites, athletic fields or even walking paths, darkness is a breeding ground for unscrupulous behaviors. In the dark, potential thieves and vandals feel secure because they cannot be seen. Not only that, but darkness can provide a safety risk to customers, visitors and employees who must travel through these spaces. Outdoor security lighting helps limit these risks.

Outdoor lighting is mostly used to provide security to a space after dark, although some outdoor lighting also provides an aesthetic touch. Parking lot lights, for instance, deliver a light source for customers and employees to locate their vehicles, while also illuminating the parking lot to deter potential thieves. Lighting on buildings — like porch lights and entryway lights — can illuminate the entry not only to make getting into the building easier, but also to help prevent thieves from breaking and entering. These lights can be decorative as well to enhance the space’s aesthetics. Path lights can also be added to outdoor spaces to make walking after dark safer.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Lighting

If you have an outdoor space that needs additional lighting for security purposes, consider what type of fixture you need. Fixtures can be as simple as a porch light and as complex as a high-mounted floodlight that spreads light across a wide space. Make sure that the fixture is designed for outdoor use and can tolerate dampness and regular weather events.

Next, determine where the light should fall. Most often, you will want light to fall on the ground somewhere underneath where the light is mounted. Though sometimes the light should fall on a surface above the light fixture, such as in the case of a porch light that will shed light on the overhang as well as the ground.

Another consideration is the type of bulb you wish to buy. If your lights will be on at all times after dark, LED parking lot lights are a great option to provide energy efficiency without sacrificing the amount of lighting provided to the area. LED security light options also provide similar benefits.

Finally, consider when the light will be on. For security lights that need to remain lit at all times after dark, light-sensing switches that automatically turn the lights on when the natural light dissipates are a great option, as are automatic timers that the facility's owner can set to have the lights turn on at a specific time of day. In some application, especially in the case of security lighting, light is only needed when a potential intruder is present. In these instances, motion-sensing lights are the ideal choice. These lights will switch on the moment they sense someone or something has entered a predetermined space, scaring off animals and intruders — while keeping the facility protected, without unnecessary energy use.

Find Outdoor Security Lighting with Lightbulb Wholesaler

Lightbulb Wholesaler stocks the bulbs, fixtures and other components you need to create the outdoor lighting plan you want to keep your facility secure. From porch and entrance lighting to outdoor area and parking light fixtures, we have a number of attractive and practical options — all at wholesale pricing. To view our available options, browse our online catalogue. If you need additional help finding the right products for your lighting project, our lighting experts are standing by to assist you. Call our team to discuss your plans today.

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