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Commercial Lighting — Design And Function Combined

In a commercial space, lighting is a crucial part of a space’s overall design. Lighting does so much more than simply illuminate surfaces. Commercial lighting can also help create the ambiance of the space. With various color temperatures, lighting styles and lighting powers, you can create a functional workspace, inviting shopping center or cozy office area, depending on your needs.

How Commercial Lighting Affects Commercial Spaces

Lighting can also be a crucial part of the architectural design of a building. Designers incorporate light in order to accentuate the most important features of their designs, and pull attention away from the less-appealing design elements.

The color temperature of the lighting can affect the feel of a commercial space. Cool temperatures work best for spaces where accurate colors are important, like retail shopping centers. While warmer light can help make a space feel more inviting, which might be welcome in an office setting. Lightbulb Wholesaler has an extensive list of bulbs to help you create the ideal commercial space.

Common Types of Commercial Lighting

Just about any lighting can be used in a commercial space, but some lighting is designed more specifically for the needs of a commercial operation. Longer lasting and more durable, these lights work well for offices, warehouses, retail spaces, restaurants, medical clinics and more. Common types of commercial lighting include:

  • Fluorescent lighting
  • LED ceiling light
  • Track and task
  • Emergency lighting
  • Corner mounted lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Cove and overhang lighting

Commercial Lighting Design Guide

When choosing the lighting for a commercial space, designers must consider two main factors — what light is needed and how that light can be worked into architectural elements.

To determine how much light is needed in a particular space, the designer must first assess the type of work that will be done. Work that requires attention to small details will require more lighting than work that is less detail-oriented, for example. Then, the designer must think about any existing natural or ambient light that will be in the space. These considerations will allow the designer to choose the right amount of light to make the commercial space fully functional and effective.

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) has recommended that lighting systems in offices maintain 400 lux for office spaces with computer-based jobs. IESNA recommends between 750 and 1,000 lux for offices where paper-based work is the primary need. Conference rooms should maintain 300 lux. No matter what lighting is chosen for a commercial space, it should follow these recommendations to ensure workers have enough light to perform their jobs.

Next, the light needs to be incorporated into the commercial design. In some locations this is easy: If overhead, fluorescent lighting is the best choice, then it is simply installed into the ceiling. However, other forms of lighting can be built into the design — using task and accent lighting systems to add additional illumination while also accentuating the building’s design.

In addition, many structural elements — like beams, columns, ceilings and coves — can become lighted surfaces to spread light farther into the building. These design elements can also block light if the plan does not work around them — limiting the effectiveness of the lighting in the space. Designers must also consider reflective surfaces, such as television and computer screens, to avoid unwanted glare from the overhead and ambient lighting.

With all of these considerations, the process of planning for and implementing commercial lighting is not a simple one. Designers must work carefully to ensure that all elements of their design — including the lighting — works well to create a well-lit, attractive space.

Find Wholesale Pricing on Commercial Lighting

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