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LED Corn Lights

Notable for their distinctive corncob shape, corn light bulbs may be the perfect choice for your illumination needs. Featuring numerous light-emitting diodes surrounding a central core, LED corn bulbs provide diffuse, reliable lighting. Because they are ideally suited for use as omnidirectional lamps that shine light across a wide space, the bulbs are used in commercial settings ranging from store window displays to hotel lobbies and exhibition halls. When you’re looking for wholesale post top corn bulbs such as these, Lightbulb Wholesaler is your one-stop shop. We have an extensive inventory of bulbs from leading manufacturers including the most energy-efficient and dependable options on the market today. Our expertise makes it easy for us to find exactly what you’re looking for, and at the quantities and value you need.


What Are LED Corn Bulbs?


LEDs typically function as directional lights because they shine light in one direction. By arranging multiple LEDs around a single core, however, the effect of a multi-directional light can be achieved. This makes LED corn lamps a good choice for illuminating a large, open space. As a result, these lights can be found in many large-scale facilities where bright, consistent lighting is needed. Their ability to provide bright light in all directions also makes corn LED bulbs a good replacement for traditional lamps in residential settings.


In addition to their brilliance, LED corn bulbs offer numerous other benefits. They tend to consume far less electricity than other types of bulbs, so using them consumes fewer natural resources and reduces utility expenses. In properties with large-scale illumination requirements, the cost savings can be significant. Users can expect to save as much as 80 percent when compared to traditional incandescent options. The energy-efficiency of LED corn light bulbs can reduce a property owner’s ecological footprint as well.


Another key advantage to these bulbs is their ability to achieve full brightness almost instantaneously. This means you no longer have to wait for your lights to warm up and reach complete intensity, which is helpful for spacious industrial facilities. They also last much longer than other choices, with life expectancies of up to 100,000 hours. This means maintenance costs are reduced in settings with large quantities of bulbs.


Why Choose Lightbulb Wholesaler?


Thanks to our comprehensive inventory of products from leading manufacturers and our knowledgeable professionals, we stand apart from the competition. No matter what lighting solutions you need for your property, we can help you find them here. Whether you’re building from the ground up or want to retrofit your existing space, we’re your go-to source.


We know what you’re looking for and can assist you in finding it. We offer exceptional value for wholesale bulbs, so you can find LED corn lights at a price that’s right for your budget. With the in-depth knowledge and expertise of our friendly representatives, completing your project can be a snap. For more information about our offerings or to get started on your bulk order, view our online catalog or get in touch with us today.