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Lightbulb Wholesaler Is Your Source For Attractive Architectural Lighting

Lighting is at its most basic level functional, but ask any architect how to improve the look of a space and you will hear that lighting is the key. Architectural lighting helps draw the eye where it needs to go and adds interesting elements to a space while improving overall function. Lightbulb Wholesaler has a number of architectural indoor lighting options to help architects, designers and property owners light their spaces in interesting and attractive ways.

Light does more than just illuminate a space, although that is an important aspect of lighting. Light also creates an aesthetic effect in a space, when it is used well. With the right lighting, today's designers can:

• Define zones and boundaries of an area

• Make a room feel more expansive

• Link areas and spaces together

• Add decorative elements to a space

At Lightbulb Wholesaler, you can find a number of architectural lighting elements to complete your construction, decorating or remodeling project.

Track Lighting and Architectural Recessed Lighting Adds Light Discretely

Architectural recessed lighting is one option to add light to a dark space, without adding a chandelier or other overhead lighting.

Recessed lighting is a great option to form spatial borders in a room: Adding recessed lights along walls, for example, will illuminate the wall and clearly define the boundaries of the room. Recessed lighting designed to shine on the floor, rather than the wall, will emphasize the objects in the room, rather than its boundaries, and the walkways.

Track lighting performs a similar function as recessed lighting, with the option to direct the light in a specific location. Track lighting uses multiple lights on a track or bar to add lighting to dark areas, place sufficient light over workstations or add more than one light without more than one light fixture. Because the lighting can be moved on its track, this is a particularly flexible lighting type. Architectural track lighting can add to the design and look of a room while providing a similar style of lighting as recessed light fixtures. Recessed lighting and track lighting perform well in rooms without much natural light or existing overhead light, where lighting does not need to make a design statement. Basements, finished porches, hallways, bathrooms and kitchens are all places where this lighting is often found.

Surface-Mounted Light Puts Control in the Designer's Hands

Surface-mounted lighting offers designers the chance to place lighting directly where they need it. Whether flush on the ceiling or on a wall to accentuate artwork, surface-mounted lighting is a flexible and modern choice for today's designers. Yet sometimes, designers overlook this lighting option because they feel that it is outdated or looks too institutional. Lightbulb Wholesaler has a number of architectural fluorescent light fixtures, architectural LED lighting and other surface-mounted lighting options that are both attractive and modern to overcome these concerns.

Pendant and Chandelier Lighting Improves the Space’s Overall Ambiance

Sometimes the desire is not just to make a statement based on where the light is in the room. Sometimes the light fixture itself is the statement. A vintage pendant lighting fixture in the right space over a kitchen countertop or dining room table can become the focal point of a room's design. Lightbulb Wholesaler has a number of components to make your chandelier lighting or pendant lighting a success. From LED candelabra bulbs to flashing rings and cords, we have all of the pendant and chandelier components you need. Whether you are shopping for simple recessed lighting, architectural pendant lighting or an intricate chandelier, Lightbulb Wholesaler has the ideal products to make your lighting design a success. We stock LED architectural lighting elements and bulbs in a number of styles and temperatures, so you will easily find what you need, all at some of the industry's lowest prices. Browse our architectural lighting options today from the comfort of your home or office, or give our friendly team a call to discuss your vision, and let us point you toward the right products to make that vision a reality.