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Buy Wholesale Specialty Halogen Bulbs

BT15 Specialty light bulbs are ideal for lighting applications that require minimal maintenance such as ceiling and outdoor fixtures, track lighting, and other commercial purposes. Their wattage ranges from about 60 to 150 Watts and they tend to produce a soft or bright white color. A19 Specialty bulbs are often sold with glass tinted in various colors, and they are mainly used as flood lights, spotlights, and other outdoor or industrial lighting applications. Whereas the wattage of an A19 Specialty bulb averages about 60 Watts, energy-efficient bulbs are as low as 8 Watts. Ball specialty bulbs are ideal in fixtures in which the bulb is visible, such as lamps and track lights. They generally range from 20 to 50 Watts and the glass of the bulb is typically an opaque white to ensure safety of the naked eye. View our selection of wholesale specialty halogen cases and bulbs.