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Specialty Light Bulbs

Many applications call for light bulbs that are far more specialized than the standard bulbs used for everyday lighting. Many businesses and industries such as veterinary clinics, plant shops, pet stores, zoos, photography studios, and forensic science labs make use of specialty lighting.

More familiar specialty bulbs include bug zapper bulbs, silicone-coated shatterproof bulbs and full-spectrum light bulbs that mimic natural sunlight. Bug zapper bulbs emit ultraviolet light to attract insects. Silicone-coated bulbs are used in areas where shattered glass would pose an unacceptable danger; such as food preparation areas, hospitals and factory environments. Even if these bulbs shatter, the rubber coating keeps the glass fragments together - much like the safety glass used in automobiles. Full spectrum light bulbs are closer to natural sunlight than a standard light bulb. These bulbs are favored for plants and aquariums. Some full-spectrum bulbs have therapeutic benefits related to improving mood and energy.