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There are almost as many types of light bulbs as there are applications for them. That means there are a wide variety of them that you simply can’t find at the hardware store. Fortunately, Lightbulb Wholesaler has an excellent selection of specialty LED bulbs. From bases used in certain fixtures to bulbs used purely for decorative purposes, we’re your go-to source to find specialty LED light bulbs that fit your needs. With our wholesale prices and bulk ordering options, there’s no better place to buy specialty LED bulbs online.


For example, we carry a wide range of bayonet LED bulbs. These models feature bases with locking pins to hold them in sockets that may be subjected to intense vibrations. This design prevents them from being jarred loose the way lights with standard screw-in bases could. You can also find high-quality LED landscaping bulbs used in outdoor fixtures. If you’re looking for miniature LED bulbs for decorative signs, we have multiple colors and sizes. These ceramic LED light bulbs recreate the look of vintage signage while providing modern energy efficiency.


Why Choose Lightbulb Wholesaler?


Not only do we carry the widest assortment of these options and many other lights from trusted brands, but we also have extensive knowledge about them. Our helpful representatives are happy to guide you through the process of finding the right solution for your requirements. With the depth and breadth of our inventory as well as the extent of our expertise, you’re sure to find exactly what fits your situation and application here.

Our bulk purchasing options and wholesale pricing make it easy and convenient for you to handle even the biggest orders. To learn more about everything we have to offer or to start your order, browse our online catalog or get in touch today.