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T6 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

For commercial applications where single-pin sockets are used, T6 fluorescent light bulbs are the ideal lighting choice. Efficient and effective, these bulbs offer the benefits of fluorescent lighting with the single-pin socket design. Lightbulb Wholesaler has several options, including Sylvania and Satco bulbs, for your consideration.

A T6 light bulb has several applications. These may be used in fluorescent lighting fixtures in homes, such as in rec rooms, kitchens or basements, or in retail locations, hotels, restaurants and other commercial buildings. Because they are long tubes, these bulbs are commonly used in rectangular shaped lighting fixtures that have the single-pin socket.

How Fluorescent Lights Work

A T6 fluorescent bulb works on the same principle as other fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs are crafted out of a long tube, which is filled with mercury vapor. When the vapor is charged with electricity, it gives off an ultraviolet light. A phosphor coating inside the tube begins to glow when exposed to the ultraviolet light, creating visible light. These bulbs have a higher efficiency, exceeding 100 lumens per watt in many designs, so they have a higher efficiency than incandescent bulbs with similar outputs. They also have a relatively long, useful life, making them a great choice for commercial settings where frequent bulb changes are impractical.

Find Several T6 Fluorescent Bulb Options at Lightbulb Wholesaler

At Lightbulb Wholesaler, we are committed to providing our customers with an extensive selection of bulbs, including the less commonly used T6 light bulb. We stock 42-inch T6 bulbs in 25-watt strengths. With warm and cool white options, you can be certain to have the color you need. In addition, we have the ultra-durable, shatterproof option from Satco that will provide a long life without the risk of breaking if it is dropped or mishandled.

When shopping with Lightbulb Wholesaler, you benefit from working with a team who knows light bulbs well. We will provide you with superior customer service as we assist you in finding the bulbs that are an ideal fit for your needs. Our customer service experts will guide you through the selection process, so you end up with a bulb that perfectly matches the application you have. Call us today, or shop our online inventory to find the T6 fluorescent bulbs you need for your facility, and rest assured that you will always have enough lighting on hand.