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Buy Wholesale Bug Light Specialty Bulbs

A bug light is a type of light bulb that is designed to attract insects and works by emitting a high amount of light that attracts the bugs. The two main types of bug lights emit either ultraviolet light or yellow light. Bug lights range in power from 8 watts to 100 watts and come in a variety of bases. Some bulbs can be screwed into standard light bulb sockets, while others fit into fluorescent ballasts. The wide range of bases allows bug lights to be installed in many versatile locations. Incandescent style bug lights have an estimated lifespan of 2000 hours, while fluorescent style bug lights have an estimated lifespan in excess of 7000 hours. Bug lights are manufactured by several leading brand names, such as Satco, Bulbrite and Panalux. Browse our selection of wholesale bug lights below. Cases and large quantities are available.