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Our lighting fixtures range from technologically sophisticated with trend-setting style, to low-maintenance practical solutions for high-volume economical operation. We can help you illuminate the most impressive corporate headquarters offices and board rooms for financial, banking and legal businesses to creating inviting public spaces in the hotel, hospitality, restaurant, vacation rental and resort industries. When it’s time to get some industrial work done, nothing is as important as providing abundant, safe work lighting for the factory, automated assembly line, research laboratory or test facility. Outside, high quality outdoor fixtures cover all of your office park facility needs in landscape lighting, security lighting, parking lots, parking facilities and parking garages.

We simplify the process of government purchasing and procurement for the state, federal and municipal levels, with efficient light fixtures that provide years of reliable economical service, from freeway lighting, highway lighting and street lighting to pedestrian lighting for parks stairways, walkways, promenades, decks, sidewalks, jogging trails, hiking trails and bicycle paths, as well as transportation needs such as mass transit stations, light rail stations, train stations, bus depots, intermodal transit stations and any size maintenance facility or shop.

There are thousands of specialized applications of lights, lighting and fixtures. We offer solutions for the medical profession, including illumination for machinery, diagnostic equipment, CAT scanners, MRI, Xray X-ray, doctor’s office and dental office lighting, up to complete programmable hospital lighting systems, operating room lighting, OR lighting, emergency room lighting doctor’s offices, physician’s offices, waiting rooms, pharmacy lighting and home office lighting. Therapeutic, recovery, treatment, and rehabilitation facilities. We not only have fixtures certified for OR and ER lighting, but computer room lighting, machine room lighting, control equipment, control panel lights, switchboard lighting push button lighting, illuminated switches, self lit switches and indicator lights.

California title 24 approved energy star designlights consortium rebates energy saving energy efficient energy efficiency LED light emitting diode. Upgraded lighting high tech lighting and lighting controls.

We have bulbs and fixtures for civilian and military aviation needs from lighting runways, hangars and tarmacs, to terminal lighting, control towers, aircraft searchlights and landing lights.


Property Management

Rental property lighting, commercial lighting, eatery lighting, entertainment venue lighting, vacation rental lighting, outdoor lighting, stadium lighting. Apartment building / apartment complexes, retail outlets, retail stores, warehouses, industrial lighting, factory lighting, auto assembly plant, assembly line, robotics. Studio lighting, artist studio lighting, lighting for photography photographic lighting, set lighting stage lighting performing arts theatre lighting ballet lighting, dance studio lighting, sports arena lighting, stadium lighting gymnasium lighting, swimming pool lighting, exercise room lighting. Yoga studio.

Architectural and City Planning

Architecture architects, corporate headquarters lighting. Construction building excavation earthmoving road construction bridge construction, safety equipment, safety lighting. City planning, skyscraper, air travel, airlines.


School room lighting, playground lighting auditorium lighting gymnasium lighting, hallway lighting, classroom lighting, class room lighting, lecture hall lighting dormitory lighting, green lighting, locker room lighting, restroom lighting, kitchen lighting. Podium lighting, college campus lighting, educational, scientific research, adult education.