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Buy Wholesale Long Neck Halogen Light Bulbs

Long neck lamp bulbs have a standard screw base and are used in general and ambient lighting, floods and spots, and they are popular in track and recessed lighting. Bulbs used as narrow spot lights are generally 50 watts, with larger flood lights around 75 watts. The smaller 35 watt bulbs have become popular because of their compact size and wide coverage. In addition to clear, full spectrum "daylight" bulbs, long necks are available in frosted and "satin" finishes which diffuse (or soften) lighting effects. Color selection is vast and includes red, blue, green, pink, violet, and yellow. Kelvin temperatures range from 2800 to 2950; higher temperatures indicate "cooler" tones and a greater contrast preferred in industrial and commercial settings, such as restaurant, school, office, retail, hotel, and hospital. The lower, "warmer" temperatures are favored for home use due to a more flattering effect on skin tones and clothing. See our selection of wholesale long neck halogen light bulbs below.