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Buy Wholesale Shatterproof & Rubber Coated Light Bulbs

The shatterproof bulbs are specially designed so that if they are dropped they will not shatter when they break. The special coating helps hold the pieces together so that it does cause a hazard and can be easily cleaned up.

The rubber coated bulbs have a special rubber coating on them that is translucent and allows light to shine though them, but also helps prevent them from breaking if they are dropped. The rubber coating also helps the bulbs to repel moisture, making them more suitable for food prep areas.

These lights are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. They can be used in a wide variety of light fixtures, and are sure to suit all of your lighting needs. As well as normal 25, 40, 60, and 100 watt bulbs, which are both shatterproof and frosted, there are a a number of other sizes and styles available. Some of the sizes and styles include long florescent tubing, which is perfect for industrial use, as well as heat lamps and flood lights.

Both types are great for preventing a mess or in places where broken glass would become a hazard. Perfect for schools, nurseries and homes with small children, these lights are safer than normal light bulbs. Shatterproof and rubber coated bulbs are often used in food service. Broken glass from bulbs can get into food, causing a major health hazard, especially if some pieces are missed when cleaning up. They are also great for busy areas, or dark places such as the backstage of a theater or a bar where broken glass could be easily missed and cause a hazard.