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3-WAY 30/70/100W A21 SOFT WHITE LAMP. CASE OF 24

$1.40 each

per case
3-WAY 50/100/150W A21 SOFT WHITE LAMP. CASE OF 24

$1.40 each

per case
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A21 Lightbulbs

An "A" bulb is the quintessential light bulb that most people think of when they picture home lightbulbs. While they are becoming less and less common in homes, these bulbs are still the design and shape that people are the most accustomed to. An A21 bulb is a slightly larger bulb designed to provide light in situations where A19 bulbs are too small. They typically come in outputs ranging from 75 to 250 watts.

Phasing Out Incandescent A21 Bulbs

In 2012, new legislation began to phase out the use of A-shaped incandescent bulbs for everyday use. This started with the 100-watt bulb in 2012, followed by other wattages until 2014 when the 40-watt bulbs were finally phased out. These bulbs were replaced by LED bulbs for most lighting tasks. That said, A21 bulbs are still the choice in applications where LED technology does not work.

Today, while standard A21 bulbs are no longer for sale, you can still buy an A21 bulb for a three-way lamp or for a traffic signal. These specific applications are not a good fit for LED technology, so incandescent bulbs are still the bulb of choice. Three-way A21 lightbulbs are available in 30/70/100, 50/100/150 and 50/200/250 watts. These lamps provide a soft white output that varies depending on the lighting you require at the time of use. A21 traffic signal lamps are available in 116-watt outputs.

Considerations When Purchasing A21 Bulbs

If you are purchasing A21 lightbulbs, be sure to measure the lamps you plan to use them in first. These bulbs are longer and wider than their standard A19 counterparts, so you need to be certain that they will fit the desired location. This larger size allows these lights to put out a greater brightness than smaller bulbs.

Affordable, Reliable Bulbs from Lightbulb Wholesaler

Because of the phase-out of these bulbs, finding a source for incandescent A21 bulbs is challenging, but Lightbulb Wholesaler has your needs covered. When you visit Lightbulb Wholesaler for your A21 light bulb needs, you will find a nice selection of three-way and traffic bulbs from lighting names you trust. Whether you choose Satco, Sylvania or Philips, you can be confident that these bulbs will perform well over their intended use. Choose the wattage you need, and Lightbulb Wholesaler will deliver the bulbs quickly at wholesale prices. Save money and time by shopping with Lightbulb Wholesaler for your incandescent A21 bulbs.