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LED MR16 Bulbs

Whether you want to call attention to a piece of artwork, make it easier to see what you’re doing in the kitchen or change the mood of a room, you may be in the market for MR16 LED bulbs. These bulbs are useful anywhere a concentrated beam of light is needed, and no one has more varieties from which to choose than Lightbulb Wholesaler. We’re your go-to source for wholesale MR16 LED bulbs, offering the most options from the best manufacturers in the business.

What Are MR16 Bulbs?

MR16 LED light bulbs feature multifaceted reflectors measuring just under 1.5 inches in diameter that gather and concentrate the light generated. This gives the bulbs the ability to provide highly directional, focused beams akin to a tiny spotlight. This makes them useful in track lighting systems and outdoor landscaping accent lights, as well as display illumination and even some small-vehicle headlights. Their relatively small size and the intensity of light produced make them a popular choice in a number of applications. 

For a long time these bulbs primarily featured halogen filaments, but tremendous technological strides have been made in recent years. The developments have led to MR16 LED lights that utilize light-emitting diodes. These bulbs have numerous advantages over the original models. They consume far less electricity than their older counterparts, reducing the consumption of natural resources and lowering utility bills for their owners.

Unlike halogen lights, an LED MR16 light bulb does not reach a high operating temperature. This reduces the risk of fire and helps keep rooms cooler while they are in use. In addition, they provide illumination at the same level of intensity as halogen lights. Many MR16 LEDs are dimmable, as well.

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We make the process of buying wholesale MR16 LED bulbs easy for you. We have the most comprehensive inventory of these — including MR16 LED 4000K and MR16 LED 5000K bulbs — from the leading manufacturers in the industry. When you contact us, our knowledgeable professionals will do whatever it takes to steer you toward precise solutions for your lighting needs.

Whether you’re retrofitting a large space, stocking up on replacements or starting a new project from scratch, we can supply the bulbs you need. For more information about our selection of MR16 LEDs or to start your order, contact us today.

Traditionally, MR16 lights have been halogen bulbs. The MR, which stands for “multifaceted reflector,” connotes the use of these small bulbs for precise beam angle control and directional lighting. 

Our LED MR16 lights offer all of the advantages of halogen MR16 bulbs with none of the disadvantages. They produce excellent directional light output, are available in a wide range of color temperatures, and generate almost no heat. Most importantly, they are much more energy efficient and last more than 10 times longer on average, making them much more economical on several levels. 

Check out our collection of MR16 LED light bulb replacements from SATCO and Emery Allen here; multiple base types, including screw-in and twist-lock, are available.