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LED PAR16 Lights

LED PAR16 bulbs are flood lamps that are used to create an even spread of bright light in both indoor and outdoor settings. The primary benefit of choosing PAR16 LED light bulbs over their halogen counterparts is the fact that these lights tend to have a useful life that can reach up to 12 times the length of the life of halogen bulbs. These floodlights are able to last up to 25,000 hours when used in optimal conditions.

Discoloration can be a major problem with floodlights, but the high quality of PAR16 LED lights nearly eliminates this issue. The absence of UV and IR radiation in the bulbs means that the light can be used to illuminate objects without running the risk of fading them.

Traditional halogen bulbs require regular maintenance and replacement. The long life and high quality of the PAR16 LED means that choosing these lights reduces the cost of maintaining a high-quality light source. Unlike other low-energy bulbs, these floodlights do not have to be warmed up before they produce the intended level of lighting.

LED PAR16 flood lamps are ideal for recessed or track lighting. They can also be used as wall washers to highlight works of art. Floodlights are often used in restaurants, museums, art galleries, offices and retail stores. Homeowners can use floodlights for outdoor lighting or to illuminate prized works of art indoors. In addition, PAR16 LEDs are dimmable, unlike other types. Lightbulb Wholesaler is your complete source for dimmable PAR16 LEDs and other bulbs. Browse our selection now.