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LED PAR20 Lights

Capable of providing a concentrated beam of illumination through the use of a parabolic aluminized reflector, PAR20 LED light bulbs make a great choice for brightening up almost any space. The bright light they generate makes them ideal for recessed lighting like that commonly found in residential and commercial applications. The fact that their reflectors focus the beams downward also means LED PAR20 bulbs perform well as display lighting in retail stores, museums and art galleries. The versatility of these bulbs allows them to serve a variety of purposes throughout multiple industries. In particular, retailers and other businesses can use them in large quantities to illuminate their spaces more effectively than other lights. Lightbulb Wholesaler is your one-stop shop for wholesale PAR20 LED bulbs as well as any other lights you may need. With a comprehensive inventory of PAR20 LED dimmable flood lights and other varieties of PAR20 LED lamps, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for here.

What are LED PAR20 Lights?

Not too long ago, the only options for this type of light utilized traditional incandescent filaments or high-intensity discharge elements such as halogen. Although they provided sufficient illumination in most cases, they usually came with some drawbacks. However, recent advancements in light-emitting diode semiconductors have made it possible for LEDs to replace these older models.

Today’s lamps consume far less energy than the older versions. This means a reduction in utility bills, pollution levels and the consumption of natural resources. Because they last up to 10 times longer than their predecessors, PAR20 LEDs also provide users with reduced maintenance costs. Unlike many traditional varieties of bulbs, PAR20 LED lights are capable of being dimmed. This provides users with a greater range of options when planning the function and ambience of their interior spaces.

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