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LED PAR38 Lights

There are several situations where a spotlight with reliable illumination is useful. Examples include illuminating an exterior garage door or highlighting a piece of artwork in your living room. For these and many other applications, Lightbulb Wholesaler offers an extensive inventory of PAR38 LED light bulbs. These bulbs produce bright, steady and energy-efficient light, thanks to improved technology. Our selection of PAR38 LED lamps comes from several of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, and the expertise of our representatives can help you find exactly what you need. As a leader in supplying PAR38 LED lights to both industrial and residential customers, no one knows more about these bulbs than we do.

What are LED PAR38 Lights?

The acronym “PAR” stands for parabolic aluminized reflector, which is the most prominent feature of these lamps. The flared reflector at the end of the bulb helps collect and concentrate the light they generate. This makes them ideal for applications in which illumination must be focused in a single direction, such as spotlights and track lighting. For example, PAR38 LED outdoor bulbs are commonly used to call attention to a building’s architectural features or landscaping elements. Although in the past these lights typically used incandescent or halogen-based bulbs, today’s advancements in light-emitting diode technology allows them to now use PAR38 LED lamps that last longer and are more energy-efficient.

Because LEDs draw much less electricity than older types of bulbs, they reduce your property’s energy demands. Using a PAR38 LED spot in place of a traditional option uses only a fraction of the power. For a commercial property with significant illumination needs, making the switch can save a substantial amount on utility bills while also improving its environmental footprint. PAR38 LED bulbs also reduce maintenance costs for larger facilities due to their longer life.

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We stand apart in the marketplace as one of the leading providers of PAR38 LED dimmable bulbs and many other LED lights. We have an extensive selection of products from the best-known and most respected names in the industry. No matter what lighting solutions you need for your building, you can rest assured that we’ll supply them. Whether you are building from the ground up or retrofitting an existing space, we can be your go-to source for effective, energy-efficient lighting.

You can look to our friendly and professional staff for in-depth knowledge and expertise. Our representatives are standing by to answer any questions you may have or to assist you in putting together a bulk order. For more information or to begin shopping, look through our online catalog and then reach out to us today.