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LED BR30 Bulbs

LED BR30 light bulbs are an effective way to concentrate light in a forward direction. They have many applications, many of which are in theater and stage industries. These bulbs are an energy-efficient alternative to incandescent BR bulbs.

What Are LED BR30 Bulbs?

LED BR30 bulbs provide steady, directional power in stage and flood-light situations. Understanding the way the bulbs are named will help you understand what these bulbs are and how they work.

The BR in LED BR30 bulbs stands for bulged reflector, while R40 bulbs have a standard reflector. Both types have a reflective-interior coating that helps project the light in a forward direction — this design provides about double the amount of light in the center-front area when compared to a similar wattage in a general service (A-style) bulb.

The 30 on the BR30 bulb stands for the diameter in one-eighth of an inch — these bulbs are just under four inches in diameter (3.75"), providing a large, bright light. Using LED technology, these bulbs provide the same output and beam-profile characteristics as their general service counterparts, but with a fraction of the energy use.

Benefits of BR30 Light Bulbs

When you are replacing a flood lamp bulb, choosing a BR30 LED bulb is an excellent choice. The directional nature of LED technology makes this an outstanding application. These bulbs can be used for spotlights, stage lights and other applications where a directed light is needed, as they send light in a very specific, clear direction.

Types of BR30 LED Light Bulbs

If you are in the market for BR30 LED bulbs, Lightbulb Wholesaler has a variety of products available for you. We offer bulbs ranging in power from 10 watts to 18 watts with a temperature range of 2400K to 5000K. LED BR30 bulbs are available in flood and dimmable options. LED BR30 dimmable light bulbs are ideal in stage situations when a variety of light powers are needed, while flood BR30 bulbs work well when a constant level of light is needed.

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