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Globe CFL Light Bulbs - Energy Efficient Lighting Solution

For people who are looking to improve their energy efficiency in their home or office, globe CFL light bulbs can the solution. Designed to fit any light that has a medium base, these compact little bulbs can be used in a variety of situations, and are a popular choice in today's eco-friendly homes.

Globe CFL Bulbs Are A Great Alternative to Traditional Chandelier Bulbs

The globe CFL light bulb can easily replace the traditional flame-shaped chandelier bulbs commonly found in today's homes. These globe-shaped bulbs have a pleasing round shape and measure just over 3 inches in diameter, so they can fit many types of chandeliers. At just under five inches long, they are a compact yet attractive option for many applications, especially those where the curved spiral shape of regular CFL bulbs is not ideal.

Embrace the Benefits of CFL Light Bulbs

One of the biggest benefits you will notice is the energy savings you get with CFLs. CLF bulbs use around 75 percent less energy than the equivalent incandescent bulbs. This means energy consumption and energy bills will be lower when you make the switch to CFL bulbs. You can enjoy these savings without changing the amount of light in your home.

In addition, CFLs last longer than incandescent bulbs. This means you will spend less time changing light bulbs and more time enjoying the light they provide. Some tests showed that a CFL bulb can burn as long as 10,000 hours, compared to a 1,500-hour maximum life for an incandescent bulb.

When switching to CFLs, you can enjoy a full range of colors. If you prefer warm whites, then you can find bulbs with a 2700K, or you can opt for something cooler in the 4100K to 5000K range. All are high-quality bulbs that will stand up for months or years of use, depending on the application you choose them for.

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