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T4 Fluorescent Bulbs

For applications where a thin fluorescent tube is needed, T4 fluorescent bulbs are an ideal option. Just a 1/2-inch in diameter, these bulbs can fit into the tightest of spaces, emitting a bright, effective light — even with their small size.

Common Uses of T4 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Because of their compactness, T4 bulbs are commonly found in small places like office workstations and under or above cabinets. These are the types of fluorescent tubes needed for backlit signs, showcase displays or behind crown moldings; they are also great for countertops and bar counters.

Types of T4 Fluorescent Lighting

While all T4 lighting works on the same basic principle: using electricity to energize gas inside a tube that reacts with a coating on the tube to create light — there are a range of options to consider when shopping for these tubes. First, choose the right length for your lighting fixture: T4 tubes range from 9.8 inches to 34 inches.

Next, decide which power and color temperature you need. T4 fluorescent tubes range in power from 6 to 24 watts and in color temperature from 3000K to 6400K. The lower temperature 3000K tubes offer a warm white light that is commonly found in homes. The 4100K tubes have a cooler white light, which provides a slightly brighter look. To mimic natural daylight, choose the 6400K tubes. The tube you choose will depend on the type of light you wish to create.

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