Mercury Vapor

Mercury Vapor Bulbs

For those in the market for a long-lasting, bright and efficient light, mercury vapor bulbs can be a good fit. As one of the most energy-efficient lighting options, mercury vapor light bulbs offer a reliable lamp often used in outdoor and warehouse lights that have to be on for extended periods. Lightbulb Wholesaler has an extensive selection of these bulbs to meet a variety of industrial and outdoor lighting needs.

How Mercury Vapor Lamps Work

A mercury vapor is a gas discharge lamp that sends an electrical arc through vaporized mercury, creating visible light. This type of light bulb houses vaporized mercury inside a bulb that is either clear or coated with phosphor. A small-fused quartz arc tube, located within the bulb, will send the electric arc through the mercury to create the light. The outer bulb is typically made from borosilicate glass, providing protection from the radiation produced by the light.

Benefits of Mercury Vapor Light Bulbs

The primary benefit of a mercury vapor lamp is its energy efficiency. Most of these lamps have a luminous efficacy of 35 to 65 lumens per watt. In addition, they have a long lifespan, often offering bright light for around 24,000 hours. Finally, these bulbs are often chosen for the bright output they provide.

Common Uses of Mercury Vapor Lamps

Mercury vapor bulbs are often used in outdoor and large overhead lighting situations including streetlights, lighting in sports arenas, and lighting in factories or warehouses. Because the lighting produces a blue-green tint, it is not flattering for skin tones, and thus is not typically used in retail establishments or other areas where people need to look their best. Sometimes phosphor inside the bulb can be used to correct its color slightly when necessary.

Mercury vapor lamps are appreciated for their bright output. These bulbs are commonly found in 100-watt and 175-watt powers, but smaller 50-watt and 75-watt bulbs are also available. You can also choose from medium and mogul bases to fit various lamp styles.

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