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A15 Light Bulbs

If you are looking for a compact bulb for your low-wattage application, consider A15 bulbs. An A15 bulb has many applications in a home or business, with a compact size and high output ideal for specific applications.

What Are A15 Bulbs?
The "A" in A15 bulbs stands for A-shape, or arbitrary shape. These are considered general service bulbs similar in shape to the incandescent bulbs most people grew up with. A15 bulbs are just a little smaller than traditional bulbs. They come in 15- to 60-watt outputs and are often used in decorative lighting, signs and appliances due to their small size.

How Are A15 Bulbs Used?

People are often not aware that they need an A15 lightbulb until one burns out, and suddenly they realize they do not have the proper bulb for the job. These bulbs are found in ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, over-the-stove hoods and other appliances. They are also commonly found in lighted signs and decorative lights. Their smaller size makes them ideal for these applications where large bulbs would simply not fit.

Types of A15 Bulbs

A15 bulbs are available as both LED and incandescent options. While many are switching to LED options to save money, certain applications are not a good fit for LED technology. Ovens and microwaves use A15 bulbs, but LED bulbs cannot be used in these heated applications — they require incandescent bulbs, like these available from Lightbulb Wholesaler.

You can find an A15 lightbulb in either 120- or 130-volt designs. At Lightbulb Wholesaler, we offer frosted, clear and rubber-coated bulbs to meet your specific needs.

Buying A15 Lightbulbs from Lightbulb Wholesaler

At Lightbulb Wholesaler, we offer a vast selection of bulb types from the industry’s leading manufacturers. That is why we are pleased to offer Satco bulbs for those shopping for a replacement A15 bulb. These bulbs are durable and reliable and will provide hours of consistent use. By shopping with us, you can purchase these bulbs at some of the industry's best prices, so you can enjoy them without hurting your budget. Buy them in two-packs to ensure you always have another one on hand when one burns out. With the help of Lightbulb Wholesaler, you will always be well stocked with the bulbs you need for all areas of your home or business, including that little bulb inside your microwave or oven.