Incandescent Flood Light Bulbs

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Incandescent Flood Lights


Incandescent flood light bulbs provide enough brightness to illuminate large, open spaces. Their wide shape and reflective internal coating allow them to create a wide cone of light or a narrow spotlight. Available in many different sizes, shapes and colors, these light bulbs can be found in numerous applications.


Endless Uses for Incandescent Flood Lights


Few types of light bulbs are as versatile as flood lights. They can provide security, stage lighting or decorative effects such as during the holidays when people often illuminate their homes. Here are some typical uses for the different types of flood lights:


  • Incandescent outdoor flood light bulbs typically are used to protect properties from intruders. Their powerful output and broad coverage area eliminate dark spots where thieves and other criminals might want to hide.
  • Reflector flood light bulbs cast extensive illumination over a wide area. This also makes them a common choice for use in canister lighting to light up kitchens and living rooms.
  • Because they are available in a wide variety of colors, incandescent flood lights also help create mood lighting for use in stage shows and concerts.
  • Other types of specialty bulbs are used in restaurants to keep food warm, or in greenhouses to encourage plant growth.



Benefits of Incandescent Flood Lights

Incandescent light bulbs typically are less expensive than other types. They provide even lighting — there’s no distracting flickering. They don’t have to “warm up,” either, and they contain no toxic materials.


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