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Incandescent Bulbs Are Going Extinct

How is the Energy Independence and Security Act changing the lighting industry in 2018?

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA 2007) was enacted on December 19, 2007. Among the requirements of EISA 2007 were provisions directing the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to collect, analyze and monitor unit sales of five exempt lamp types. These five lamp types were exempt until last month (May 2018).

Effective in May of this year, in accordance with the 2018 Department of Energy (DOE) regulation, all lamp suppliers stopped the manufacturing and importing of these impacted incandescent lamp types.

What light bulbs and lamps will soon become extinct?

1. Rough service lamps (legislated 2018)
2. Vibration service lamps (legislated 2018)
3. Three-way incandescent lamps (exempt)
4. "High Lumen" lamps, from 2600 – 3300 lumens general service incandescent lamps (exempt)
5. Shatter resistant lamps. (exempt)

As of this month, Rough Service bulbs as well as Vibration Service bulbs are no longer exempt from the EISA. This is a trend that we at Lightbulb Wholesaler have followed very closely ever since we began selling light bulbs in Bulk to meet the needs of our wholesale customers. 

If the Energy Independence and Security Act was enacted in 2007, why are these bulbs being effected now?

The EISA states that if at any point between 2010 and 2025 the reported sales of the exempt lamp types exceeded the bench-marked estimates, then the Department of Energy could eliminate these exemptions.

Unfortunately, in December of last year, the DOE found this to be the case for both Vibration Service lamps and Rough Service lamps and enacted their right within the legislation to begin to phase out these products. Exempt categories, 3-way, High lumen, and Shatter resistant lamps all maintain their exemptions and can continue to be sold.

How does this effect me and can I still buy Rough Service and Vibration Service bulbs?

Effective in May of this year, in accordance with the 2018 Department of Energy regulation, all lamp suppliers have stopped the manufacturing (or importing) of Rough Service and Vibration Service lamps. As for us at Lightbulb Wholesaler, any of our available inventory will continue to be sold until it is gone at which time the items will likely be permanently discontinued.

It is important to note that although Rough Service and Vibration Service bulbs are no longer exempt from EISA , 3-way incandescents, high lumen incandescents and shatter resistant lamps will soon follow. Our industry has been moving rapidly toward more energy efficient lamps and bulbs and we hope to be the front runners of that market.

Moving towards the future of light bulbs with Lightbulb Wholesaler! 

The timing of this legislative action presents opportunities for our industry as the technology of new energy efficient LED lighting has advanced to the point where these products can be used in the same applications.  

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