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business advantage commercial light bulbs

Exclusive Offers!

Includes members-only discounts, exclusive business product offers, and program rewards and savings!

Free Shipping!

Free shipping available on qualifying business purchases over $1000 in the continental US.

Monthly Invoicing!

Members can choose to pay for qualifying purchases via purchase order, with net 30 payment terms.

Business Advantage

Lightbulb Wolesaler is pleased to announce the introduction of our “Business Advantage” program. Business Advantage provides competitive pricing and terms as well as special discounts to commercial buyers based on purchase volume and frequency.

Incentives Include:

  • Exclusive offers and members only discounts
  • Free Shipping on orders greater than $1000
  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Top Notch Customer Service

Lightbulb Wholesaler is also a major provider of more efficient LED lighting fixtures, bulbs and replacement systems to reduce energy costs. This has proven to be extremely popular with businesses from hospitality to construction to manufacturing, down to specific projects with city planners looking to reduce the high cost of maintaining simple street lighting.

Our goal is to become your most reliable single source for all of your lighting needs, saving you time and expense in the procurement process, simplifying a major portion of facilities management, and allowing business managers to focus more time on customers and guests.

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