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Buying LED Tubes Or Fluorescent Tubes?

Pile of LED and Fluorescent Tube Lights

Looking to Buy LED tubes or Fluorescent tubes

Here at Lightbulb Wholesaler we have a huge selection of the best brands of LED tubes! Whether your looking for bulk LED Tubes or even just a few LED tubes at a great price, we have the lighting supplies you're looking for! We make buying bulbs and tubes easy and affordable. Take a look at all the amazing benefits to using LED Tubes over fluorescent tubes.

The original cost of LED tubes did not out-weigh the benefits of fluorescent tubes. At under $2 per bulb, it just didn't make sense to substitute an LED tube for a fluorescent one… then came the benefits of LEDs. With a shelf life of between 50000 and 80000 hours, LED’s are almost ten times the shelf life of a fluorescent. Aside from the potential savings, here is a list of the benefits of LED tube lights.

Mercury Free

Unlike fluorescents, LED tubes contain no mercury making them eco-friendly.


 The latest LEDs have full dimming capabilities. Most fluorescents with this feature are expensive to dim and the results are not good.

Directional Lighting

LED tubes offer directional light (illumination exactly where you need it). Fluorescent tubes have multi-directional light meaning light is emitted in unnecessary direction making them inefficient.

Works with Lighting Controls

Fluorescent tube lights tend to burn out faster when integrated with occupancy sensors and other controls. LED tubes, however, work perfectly with control systems since their life is not affected by switching them.

Improved Efficiency

The newest T8 LED tubes are around 30% more efficient than T8 LFLs. Use our Energy Savings Calculator to find out more of how LED tubes save you money

Quality Light

Today’s LED tubes produce light in a variety of color temperatures similar to fluorescent, but without the flickering issues that can happen with fluorescent tubes.

LED Lifespan

The average lifespan of a T8 LED tube is 50,000 hours, versus only 30,000 hours for an average T8 LFL. One thing to keep in mind though is that there are now linear fluorescent T8 lights that last up to 84,000 hours.


T8 LED tubes were traditionally made using plastic and aluminum meaning they are shatterproof. There are now glass options as well, which mimic the look of T8 fluorescent lamps that are not shatterproof.

Make the switch to LED and you'll never look back!

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