Incandescent Light Bulbs


Incandescent light bulbs have been around for more than a hundred years. During that time they have been improved and adapted to a great number of uses. Today there are hundreds of different types and styles to choose from that can vary in brightness, color, efficiency, durability, shape, size and intended use. Everyone is familiar with common household incandescent light bulbs. The standard light bulb ranges in brightness from 15 to more than 250 watts with a threaded base known as the Edison screw. However, the wattage of a light bulb just serves as a convenient proxy for its brightness. Although higher wattage bulbs are generally brighter than lower wattage bulbs, the brightness of an incandescent light bulb for a given wattage can vary depending on what it is designed for. Incandescent light bulbs designed for long life do not generate as much light as standard light bulbs. However, they are useful in locations where replacement is difficult. In contrast, high- efficiency bulbs produce as much light as standard incandescent light bulbs while using less power.

Besides differences in brightness and efficiency, there are a number of variations in appearance. Incandescent light bulbs intended for decorative use come in a variety of shapes. For instance, light bulbs for a bathroom vanity are globe-shaped, and other lighting fixtures use bulbs shaped to resemble candle flames. In addition to other innovations such as the three-way bulb, there are specialty light bulbs for specific needs. There are light bulbs for spot lights, heat lamp bulbs for the bathroom and full-spectrum bulbs that provide a spectrum of light that is almost identical to natural daylight. You will also find a vast selection of bulbs designed for use in nearly all types and brands of appliances such as stoves and refrigerators. This is just a small portion of the types of incandescent light bulbs available. There are many other types ranging from rough service light bulbs for work lights to high luminosity lights for stage lighting. If you need help finding a specific incandescent light bulb please contact our lighting experts by phone or e-mail.