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It’s important for commercial property owners to keep their properties safe. In most cases, keeping properties safe means having outdoor lighting that is adequate for the situation. Not only will sufficient lighting make it easier and safer for customers and employees to make their way around commercial properties, but it also can serve to keep them better protected by deterring intruders and thieves. Because this lighting is outdoors, it has to be bright and built to last, no matter what the conditions. Wall pack lights serve to create a safer environment outside of commercial buildings. They also enhance the appearance of commercial building facades. When it comes to outdoor lighting, Lightbulb Wholesaler has an extensive selection of LED wall packs for sale that can suit virtually any property need you may have.


Unlike traditional types of outdoor lighting fixtures, LED outdoor wall packs offer superior lighting and a much longer life span. This is because standard wall pack lighting is reflector-based. Meaning, a significant amount of the light is lost within the reflector and never escapes into the environment where it is needed. On the other hand, LED wall pack fixtures are directional. Thus, they do not require the use of a reflector, and, therefore, almost all of the light they generate will be used to illuminate their surroundings. 

Traditional reflector-based wall packs also use metal halide bulbs, which can lose a significant amount of lumens in a relatively short period. This means that traditional wall packs that are only a few years old may be significantly dimmer than when they were first installed. LED wall packs, however, do not experience the same drop in lumen output as they age. For this reason, LED wall packs typically have a much longer life span when compared to traditional wall pack options, making them more economical and cost-effective. LED wall pack lights are also highly energy efficient, like other LED lighting, incurring energy savings.


Lightbulb Wholesaler carries a wide assortment of LED wall packs from a number of leading manufacturers. These affordable and durable LED wall pack options are designed for either a complete replacement of existing traditional wall packs or retrofitting them. We feature several varieties of lenses including acrylic, high-impact polycarbonate and prismatic glass; as well as many options for size, color temperature, and finish. Some wall pack lights are fitted with photocell sensors, making them perfect for parking lots and other outdoor areas because they will automatically turn on when it gets dark out. Some are even dimmable With so many options from which you can choose, Lightbulb Wholesaler is sure to have the LED wall pack selections you need to enhance the exterior of your property and keep it safe. Because we stock LED wall packs from some of the most trusted names in the industry, you can be sure that you’ll get lighting solutions that will last a long time while also providing you with worry-free use.


LED wall packs make a great addition to the outside of your commercial property. What’s more, they can be a powerful tool for keeping your property, tenants, customers and employees safe. As the recognized leader in providing the highest-quality lighting options available at affordable wholesale prices, Lightbulb Wholesaler has the expertise you need to help you find the LED wall pack options that are right for you. 

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