Constant Current

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These drivers are required when the driver is used to power the LED load directly. With constant current drivers, the output current is fixed by the driver, while the output voltage varies depending on the LED load. The more LEDs the driver is powering, the greater the output voltage will be, up to a maximum as allowed by the driver specifications. In order to correctly select a constant current driver, you need to know the following:

The RECOMMENDED DRIVE CURRENT required by the LED module.

The drive current of the LED module(s) should match the RATED OUTPUT CURRENT of the driver. For example, one 380mA LED module requires one 380mA driver and two 350mA LED modules connected in series require a 700mA driver.

The MAXIMUM FORWARD VOLTAGE of all LEDs in the module.*

The maximum forward voltage required of the LED module must not exceed the MAXIMUM OUTPUT VOLTAGE of the driver.

Dimming Requirements

Keystone offers a wide range of dimmable Constant Current LED drivers, compatible with 3 different types of dimming technologies:

• Phase Control Dimming (FDIM)

• 0-10V Analog Dimming (VDIM)

• Local Dimming (LDIM)

Form Factor Requirements

Because of the variety of applications that employ LED technology, there are often size constraints that LED drivers must meet. Keystone has a large selection of LED driver case styles available to fit virtually every application.