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2-Pin Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

If you are in the market for 2-pin compact fluorescent light bulbs, Lightbulb Wholesaler has a number of bulbs available for purchase. These efficient bulbs are long-lasting, economic lighting options for your business. Two-pin bulbs plug into specially designed fixtures that are specifically created for fluorescent bulbs and have a two-pin receptacle. Whether you are replacing the light in a spotlight, recessed ceiling light, lamp or task light, we have the bulbs to meet your needs.

Benefits of Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Compact fluorescent bulbs are ideal commercial lighting options because they have a long life and use minimal energy to produce a bright white light. This long lifespan and lower energy use means more savings, even with a higher initial purchase cost than other lighting options. With 2-pin compact fluorescent light bulbs, you can replace your existing 2-pin bulbs with a more energy-efficient option.

Screw-Base Vs. Pin-Base CFL Bulbs

CFL 2-pin bulbs are pin-base bulbs. These are different than screw-base bulbs (not because of how the bulb operates) because of how it connects to the light fixture. Screw-base CFLs have an Edison-style screw base that screws into the lighting. The ballast, which is necessary for any fluorescent bulb, is contained within the plastic shell between the glass and the screw base.

Pin-base CFLs are different because they do not contain a ballast. Instead of a screw base, they contain a base that has small pins that slip into the lighting fixture. CFL 2-pin bulbs are plugged into a separate ballast and then mounted into the light. This means that pin-base CFLs are commonly used in commercial buildings rather than homes. They can fit a variety of lamps, accent lights, spotlights and task lights as long as the lights are designed for fluorescent bulbs.

Common Types of 2-Pin CFL Bulbs

CFL bulbs with a 2-pin base come in a variety of styles. First, these bulbs are available as single-tube, double-tube or triple-tube designs. The tube you choose will depend on the kind of light being used.

Bulb wattages also differ tremendously, ranging from 7 watts all the way to 65 watts. They can also vary in color from a warm white 2700K to a cool 4100K, and even a daylight 5000K. These lights are also available in a sky white 8000K temperature.

Find Brand-Name 2-Pin Bulbs from Lightbulb Wholesaler

Lightbulb Wholesaler offers 2-pin CFL bulbs from names you trust, such as SATCO, TCP and Sylvania. We have a team of dedicated lighting professionals who will work to guarantee you have the ideal light bulb for your specific needs. Our lighting specialists inform you about your options, so you can choose a light bulb that will perfectly light your space. Call the Lightbulb Wholesaler team today to find the 2-pin CFL light bulbs you need at some of the lowest prices in the industry, and ensure you are always stocked with the replacement bulbs your facility requires.