Low Voltage Transformers

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Low Voltage Transformers

These Low Voltage Transformers are specifically designed for low voltage Halogen or Halogen/Xenon lamps required for track lighting, undercounter lighting or other highly specialized applications.

The typical installation involves connection to standard 120 Volt AC (standard household current), which is stepped down to 12 Volts AC. The output is then wired to the specialized sockets , which accept Halogen Lamps (such as 2-pin G4, G6.35 and G8 sockets). The maximum output wattage (total power produced) ranges from 60 to 150 Watts.

The transformer can supply power to multiple bulbs (as in a track lighting configuration), up to the maximum wattage rating of the transformer. Exceeding the maximum can reduce the operating life of bulbs and transformers. Lightbulb Wholesaler offers low voltage transformers in the most popular sizes, providing sufficient power to allow matching their output to the number and size of connected bulbs.

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