LED Decorative

LED Decorative Light Bulbs

In homes and businesses where decorative lighting is the focal point of the home, finding energy-efficient lighting options can be challenging. This is starting to change, as decorative LED bulbs are now available in most shapes and sizes. Lightbulb Wholesaler stocks a number of decorative LED light bulbs that are a great fit.

Common Types of Decorative Lighting

  • Candelabras — Candelabras require a light that mimics the look of a flame. These curved bulbs can be a simple torpedo shape or can have a curved flame tip. Decorative candelabra bulbs add to the appearance of the light, rather than detracting from it with an unnatural lighting style and shape.
  • Chandelier lights — LED chandelier lights must fit into the smaller glass of a chandelier. They also must have an E12 base to fit this style of lighting.
  • Vintage lights — A vintage light fixture with a glowing LED bulb simply seems out of place. New decorative filament light bulbs recreate the look of a filament, while providing the benefits of LED lighting. Vintage bulbs come in a wide range of shapes as well, including globes, bent tip flame lights, Victorian-style bulbs and more.
  • Globe lights — The rounded bulbs of vanity and bistro lighting fixtures are called globe light bulbs. Decorative globe light bulbs can come in a range of styles, including opaque and clear with exposed filaments, and they feature a medium screw base.
  • Filament-style lights — In many types of decorative lighting fixtures, the best look is achieved when the filaments are visible. Decorative filament light bulbs are now available in LED designs to provide this benefit.

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Whether you need decorative candelabra bulbs, globe bulbs or filament bulbs, Lightbulb Wholesaler can help. Our list of decorative bulbs includes a number of LED lighting options, so you can light your favorite fixtures as efficiently as possible. Contact our friendly customer service team today to learn more about our decorative lighting options.