AV Stage & Studio

AV Stage & Studio Lights

AV stage and studio bulbs are subdivided into four categories. JCD bulbs are small cylindrical bulbs with a pointed tip, most frequently used in marquee and stage borders. The bulbs look like a larger version of the bulbs found in Christmas light strands. JD Dual Contact Bayonet bulbs are similar to the JCD bulbs, but they have a metal base, rather than the prongs found on the JCD. The JD Mini Candelabra has a similar shape, with a threaded metal base for screwing into a fixture. These three styles of bulb are available in 20-150 watts. JDD Double Envelope is the largest of the four bulbs, and always has a flat or rounded tip rather than the bump of glass typically found on top of the other three. They are available from 75-250 watts. All four styles are available in clear or frosted. Shop wholesale AV Stage & Studio bulbs below.