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Plant Grow Lights & Specialty Bulbs

Plants grown indoors must be given adequate light. A plant may be placed by a window or underneath a grow light. Grow lights are special types of lamps that produce all of the light frequencies a plant needs in order to photosynthesize. Plant lights can come in different varieties such as the R25 and the T12 grow light. The R25 is a blue incandescent light that draws 75 watts of power and produces a cone of light that can be directed down onto a plant. The T12 is a fluorescent grow light that consists of a long fluorescent tube and produces a cylinder of light that can illuminate many plants at once. The T12 does not produce as much heat as the R25, allowing it to be placed closer to the plant without burning it. This can result in a healthier plant. Lightbulb Wholesaler offers a variety of cases of plant grow lights at wholesale prices to choose from.