2 Pin

2 Pin Halogen Bulbs

2 pin ("bi pin") halogen bulbs have prongs as opposed to a screw-in base and are installed by simply pushing them into the fixture. 6V bulbs are used in a vast array of microscopes, while other, smaller wattage bulbs such as the 12V are used in residential and commercial lighting. Many of these extremely small bulbs are crafted with UV-blocking technology that makes them an exceptional choice for illuminating light-sensitive objects in art displays, shop windows, and museums. 24V bulbs are used to light small, industrial machinery and in automobile lighting; colors include red, amber, green, yellow, blue, and purple. 120V bulbs can be used as narrow spot lights and for various lighting fixtures such as ceiling lights, lamps, cabinet and closet lighting, and outdoor fixtures for home, restaurants, shops, and offices. 130V bulbs are popular in under-cabinet fixtures and general lighting, and 240V bulbs are frequently used in recessed lighting. Below you will find our selection of wholesale 2 Pin Halogen bulbs to choose from.