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G4, G6.35 and G8 Halogen Bulbs

G4, G6.35 and G8 halogen bulbs feature bi-pin mounts that are the standard for lamp fittings for display and other intense lighting situations. They have a longer lamp life than other lightbulbs because of the tungsten filament design. The halogen gas and tungsten filament produce a chemical reaction that increases the bulb's life cycle, making these ideal for situations where regular bulb replacement is not wanted. Also, halogen lamps use an average of 40 percent less electricity than similarly sized incandescent bulbs — those who use these G4, G6.35 and G8 halogen bulbs will lower their energy bills.

These bi-pin halogen bulbs come in several different pin spacing options. The pin spacing option is determined based on the lamp the bulb will be used in. G4 bulbs have the smallest space, while G8 have the largest. The bulbs are available in strengths ranging from 5 watts to 400 watts and in voltage ratings from 12 and 24 volts for JC bulbs and 120 to 130 volts for JDC bulbs. Projector lamps are also available in 36-volt ratings.

In addition to their energy efficiency, halogen bulbs have other benefits over incandescent bulbs. They provide a clean, white light that is pleasing to the eye. They also provide an intense light in a small package that is ideal for displaying. Because the bulbs rely on a chemical reaction to create light, users must avoid touching them with a bare hand. The residue from the hands and the oil on the skin will shorten the life of the bulb or can make it break.