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Krypton Xenon Halogen Bulbs

Krypton xenon light bulbs have an advantage over other types of halogen and incandescent light bulbs by being able to produce more brightness or lumens while using less energy or wattage. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting situations. Krypton xenon light bulbs are used in many different types of lighting fixtures including floor lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces and recessed ceiling lights.

A krypton xenon bulb contains a mixture of both xenon and krypton gases. When electricity is passed through a filament that is similar to that used in an ordinary incandescent bulb, it heats up and produces a brilliant white light. The temperature of the bulb is hotter to the touch than an incandescent bulb of similar wattage but much cooler that the heat produced by a halogen bulb of similar wattage.

By combining the two gases, the bulbs gain some desirable features. They not only burn cooler, but they also have a longer rated life. The rated life is an industry term that tests a large number of the same type of bulb and then comes up with a median figure where half the bulbs tested burn out before that number and half burn out after that number has been exceeded. For a krypton xenon bulb, the rated life is approximately 3,000 hours.

While you have to be careful that the krypton xenon bulb is cool to the touch before attempting to remove or replace it, you do not have to worry about damaging the integrity or shortening the life of the bulb like is the case with some halogen bulbs.

You can create the mood you want by dimming and adjusting the level of brightness on krypton xenon light bulbs. Already more energy efficient than other lamps that produce the same amount of lumens, dimming helps your krypton xenon light bulbs last longer. If you are looking for an energy efficient and versatile light bulb that will last a long time, the krypton xenon light bulb is an excellent choice.