Mini Reflectors

Mini reflector halogen bulbs provide wide or sharply-focused effects, excellent for both dramatic accents and display lighting. Manufacturer Philips also suggests use in cabinets and small, recessed track fixtures. "MR" refers to the multifaceted reflector, key in light reflection, while the number is the diameter in eighths of an inch across the face. MR8 and MR11 bulbs are made for low-voltage lamps, landscape lighting, and some low-profile track lighting systems. MR13 bulbs are commonly used in slide projectors and are produced by companies such as Osram Sylvania and Eiko. MR16 bulbs are available in several wattages and voltages and come in a variety of colors. ALR bulbs (37, 56, 70, 111) feature an aluminum reflector; they offer high-intensity and precise lighting. Philips suggests ALR bulbs for display, accent, and task lighting as well as "wall washing."