Metal Halide

Metal Halide Bulbs

HID lights such as metal halide lamps are a reliable, efficient source of bright white light. With a variety of bases and powers, these lights can meet numerous needs, both in home and commercial settings.

How do Metal Halide Bulbs Work?

A metal halide bulb contains an arc or discharge tube held within the bulb's outer envelope. Inside the tube is a gas, such as argon, as well as mercury and metal halide salts. These lamps are connected to a ballast, which uses a high-starting voltage to ionize the lamp. Once the gas is ionized, the pressure and temperature inside the tube increases, and the materials it contains vaporizes. This reaction creates visible light and ultraviolet radiation.

The bulb on the outside of the lamp provides a stable temperature for the changes occurring inside the tube. It also reduces the UV radiation from the lamp. Metal halide light bulbs may be coated on the inside to reduce radiation further. Coating can also change the lamp’s color.

Benefits and Uses of Metal Halide Lamps

HID metal halide lamps provide light with a high luminous efficacy. They also produce a bright white light with a long lamp life of between 6,000 and 15,000 hours. This makes them one of the most efficient sources of a bright white light available, suitable for indoor and outdoor wide area lighting.

Metal halide lights, like low and high-pressure sodium lamps and mercury vapor lamps, are commonly found in public spaces, commercial settings, industrial lighting, sports arenas, and parking lots. Because the light is a white color, these colors are also commonly used in retail establishments, where true color is crucial to success. Some automotive headlights use metal halide HID bulbs as well, and home security lighting may also use metal halide lamps.

While they are generally more effective in terms of light output, energy efficiency, and lifespan than halogen and incandescent bulbs, they typically require a warm-up period before reaching their full brightness.

Types of Metal Halide Light Bulbs

Metal halide lamps are available in a variety of bases for many different lighting situations. Medium base and mogul bases are two common options. They can also be double-ended, PAR lamps or two-pin base lamps.

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