LED PL-Type Lights

LED PL-Type bulbs are a great way to upgrade from CFL to LED bulbs in porch lights and similar applications. LED bulbs provide greater reliability and respond better to changes in temperature than CFL bulbs, making these popular with those who are tired of flickering light bulbs in their outdoor lighting. If you are ready to embrace the energy efficiency of LED bulbs, Lightbulb Wholesaler is here to help.

Common Uses of LED PL-Type Bulbs

While they are popular for use outdoors because of their resistance to temperature changes, LED PL-Type bulbs are prevalent in a number of commercial applications, like retail stores and hotels, but may also be found in homes. The lamps can also be found in recessed can lights, sconces and ceiling fixtures. These particular bulbs are designed for CFL plug-in bases, so they can be plugged directly into the existing base without the need to change the light fixture. If you want to upgrade to LED without much hassle, then these are the lamps you want.

Benefits of LED PL-Type Bulbs

LED PL-style replacement lamps offer several benefits over CFL plug-in lamps and are designed to easily plug into the existing base without any changes needed. These lamps provide uniform, consistent lighting, without the tendency to flicker the way CFL bulbs sometimes do. They are long lasting, with up to 50,000-hour life expectancies.

LED PL-Type bulbs are designed for easy use. These bulbs require nothing more than a simple ballast bypass to provide all of the benefits of LED technology in a light designed for CFLs. Bulbs labeled as "direct replacement" do not even need the ballast bypass. These bulbs provide the same amount of lighting as CFL bulbs with higher wattages, so they help the user save money on electricity costs.

Variety is another benefit of LED PL-Type bulbs. Lightbulb Wholesaler stocks 11 watt and 13 watt options, with colors from 2700K to 5000K to offer variety and flexibility. All feature bases to plug directly into existing CFL light fixtures.

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